Irene became a client over 10 years ago after the sudden death of her husband. It was a very difficult time for her and money matters were overwhelming.


We sat down with Irene and went through all of the family paperwork and corresponded with the various companies and organisations.

Over the first few months the pensions and death benefits accrued in bank accounts. We consolidated investments and met again with Irene to start the financial planning process. We stressed the importance of not making sweeping changes and ensured that as much flexibility as possible was built into the process. We tactfully addressed the difficult topic of Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning as her early death could have significant financial implications for her family.

There was a substantial cash sum to invest and like many of our clients, Irene did not want to take much risk with this money. However, she knew that seemingly risk free cash deposits were not an option. We carefully assessed her attitude to risk and examined the potential losses that she could, if necessary, tolerate.

We presented Irene with her financial plan showing the investments that we proposed to make and the tax efficiency of the income that she would receive. Irene then came back to us with additional questions and “what if?” scenarios. Only after further fine tuning and once Irene was totally confident, was the financial plan implemented. We now meet regularly to review her objectives, making any changes necessary. Our relationship with Irene is based on the trust we have built up – she is confident and reassured with our advice process. It is our goal to use our array of skills to deliver the best possible financial planning solutions for our clients.