Busy Executive

Ewan and Fiona run a successful family business that involves long, unsociable hours.

Ewan & Fiona

They first met with us many years ago to review their existing plans and expected us to simply make changes – a pattern that they had learned to expect from previous advisers.

Instead, we sat down with them and discussed their plans for the future. After listening to what they had to say, it became clear that retirement at the earliest opportunity would give them a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our financial planning process allowed us to assess their income, existing assets and expenditure.  The systems we use are regularly reviewed which allows us to make informed assumptions about investment returns, asset growth rates and inflation. This lets us forecast their financial position for the medium and long term.

With a properly structured written financial plan they could see that their hard work was contributing to achieving their early retirement goal. Regular reviews and adjustments mean that they are on target and may even be able to retire earlier than expected.

When the time comes for Ewan and Fiona to retire, they will be confident that they are financially secure thanks to their financial plan and our regular review process.